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Contact Information During COVID-19

CHSVT ended our third-quarter classes on March 18 to limit student exposure to the COVID-19 virus. Our faculty and staff are complying with current "Stay Home-Stay Safe" measures but continue to work from home. Released students who wish to continue their studies may reach us directly by these telephone numbers or by the email addresses listed below.  

Staff Name Title Facility Phone
Chris Cosgrove Corrections Education Supervisor Marble Valley (MVRF)/Chittenden(CCRF) 802-760-9057
Sean Dobbin Corrections Education Supervisor Northeast Complex (NECC) 802-760-9085
Dan Hescock Corrections Education Supervisor Northwest (NWCF) 802-760-9152
Tod Lessard Corrections Education Supervisor Southern (SSCF) 802-760-9065
Mary Poulos Corrections Education Supervisor Student Services (school wide) 802-917-1413
Sharon Strange Corrections Education Supervisor Northern (NSCF) 802-760-9003
Dana Lesperance Interim Head of School Central Office 802-917-2005
Charity Baker Data Analyst & Info Coordinator Central Office 802-241-0005
Cynthia Seckler Registrar (Student info) Central Office 802-241-0055

Administration ~ 802-241-0055

NOB 2 South, 280 State Drive, Waterbury, VT 05671-2000

Dana Lesperance, Interim Head of School,
Charity Baker, Data Analyst & Info Coordinator,
Cynthia Seckler, Registrar,

Northeast Region Faculty ~ 802-751-1004

Sean Dobbin, Correctional Educator Supervisor,
Jon Carpenter, Correctional Educator,
Pauline Dwyer, Correctional Educator,
Nick Rulon, Correctional Educator,

Northern Faculty ~ 802-334-8957

Sharon Strange, Correctional Educator Supervisor,
Jon Carpenter, Correctional Educator,

Luke Cochran, Correctional Educator,
Gerald Fortin, Correctional Educator,
Harmony Harriman, Correctional Educator,
Paul Major, Correctional Educator,
Amy Wan, Correctional Educator,

Northwest Region Faculty ~ 802-527-4368

Dan Hescock, Correctional Educator Supervisor,
Rebekah Blaisdell Simays, Correctional Educator,
Jeff Lamkins, Correctional Educator,
Ritalea Sweeny, Correctional Educator,

Southeast Region Faculty ~ 802-885-9740

Tod Lessard, Correctional Educator Supervisor,
Kyle Beckwith, Correctional Educator,
Jack Carson, Correctional Educator,
John Vorder Bruegge, Correctional Educator,

Southwest Region Faculty ~ 802-747-4606

Chris Cosgrove, Correctional Educator Supervisor,
Jeff Cassarino, Correctional Educator,
Ben Irish, Correctional Educator,
John Long, Correctional Educator,
Dan Kowalski, Correctional Educator,

Student Services Faculty ~ 802-479-7544

Mary Poulos, Correctional Educator Supervisor,
Marlena Hughes, Special Educator,
Bobbi Shutts, Special Educator,
Jeanne Smith, Literacy Specialist,
Bill Storz, Special Educator,