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Chris Cosgrove, Corrections Education Supervisor at Marble Valley (MVRF) and Chittenden(CCRF): 802-760-9057 

Sean Dobbin, Corrections Education Supervisor at Northeast Complex (NECC): 802-760-9085

Dan Hescock, Corrections Education Supervisor at Northwest (NWCF): 802-760-9152

Tod Lessard, Corrections Education Supervisor at Southern (SSCF): 802-760-9065 

Mary Poulos, Corrections Education Supervisor for Student Services (school wide): 802-917-1413 

Sharon Strange, Corrections Education Supervisor at Northern (NSCF): 802-760-9003

Dana Lesperance, Head of School, Central Office: 802-917-2005 

Charity Baker, Project Manager & Data Analyst, Central Office: 802-793-9236 

Cynthia Seckler, Registrar (Student info), Central Office: 802-241-0055 

Cam Lawson, Administrative Coordinator, Central Office: 802-241-0005

Administration ~ 802-241-0055

NOB 2 South, 280 State Drive, Waterbury, VT 05671-2000

Dana Lesperance, Interim Head of School,
Charity Baker, Project Manager & Data Analyst,
Cynthia Seckler, Registrar,
Cam Lawson, Adminstrative Coordinator,

Northeast Region Faculty ~ 802-751-1004

Sean Dobbin, Correctional Educator Supervisor,
Jon Carpenter, Correctional Educator,
Pauline Dwyer, Correctional Educator,
Nick Rulon, Correctional Educator,
Amy Wan, Correctional Educator,

Northern Faculty ~ 802-334-8957

Sharon Strange, Correctional Educator Supervisor,
Luke Cochran, Correctional Educator,
Johanna Doty Sedell, Correctional Educator,
Harmony Harriman, Correctional Educator,
Meredith Whitney, Correctional Educator,

Northwest Region Faculty ~ 802-527-4368

Dan Hescock, Correctional Educator Supervisor,
Rebekah Blaisdell Simays, Correctional Educator,
Ritalea Sweeny, Correctional Educator,

Southeast Region Faculty ~ 802-909-2563

Tod Lessard, Correctional Educator Supervisor,
Kyle Beckwith, Correctional Educator,
Jack Carson, Correctional Educator,
Bill Storz, Correctional Educator,
John Vorder Bruegge, Correctional Educator,

Southwest Region Faculty ~ 802-747-4606

Chris Cosgrove, Correctional Educator Supervisor,
Jeff Cassarino, Correctional Educator,
Ben Irish, Correctional Educator,
John Long, Correctional Educator,
Dan Kowalski, Correctional Educator,

Student Services Faculty ~ 802-917-1413

Mary Poulos, Correctional Educator Supervisor,
Ashley Converse, Special Educator,
Jeanne Smith, Literacy Specialist,